About Us


Mission Statement

To protect Hawaiian sea turtles through education, public awareness and conservation, all in the Spirit of Aloha.

Who We Are

Malama na Honu (Protect the Turtles) is a tax-exempt non profit entity that was created in 2007 to become the successor to the “Show Turtles Aloha” campaign originated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Turtle Research Program in 2005. Our organization is made up of over 95 dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer “Honu Guardians” who are on the beach every day of the year to prevent intentional and inadvertent harassment of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles as they bask peacefully on the beach and to provide educational outreach to the public by imparting facts about the turtles, explaining their behaviors and creating an awareness of the ongoing need to protect this “threatened” species.

Persons interested in helping the Honu at Laniakea may do so through donations, symbolic Honu adoptions or by volunteering their time at the beach. 

Board of Directors

Joseph Murphy


Don Porter

Vice President; Fund Raising Chairman

Beverly Murphy


Kylie Emily


Debbie Herrera

Board Member; Volunteer &
Education Coordinator

Candy Peach

Board Member

Kelly Hardy

Board Member

Erika Dittmar

Board Member


Joanne Pettigrew

Founder & Historian

Jim Kennedy

Director Emeritus


Noteworthy Service by Malama na Honu Beach Volunteers

Most Lifetime Beach Hours Protecting the Honu & Educating the Public - 6/30/19
1. Janis Honda 3,081
2. Sonny Sampaga 2,791
3. Debbie Herrera 2,181
4. Joe Murphy 1,676
5. Bev Murphy 1,633
6. Don Porter 1,516
7. Gayle Kriese 1,438
8. Vickie Dela Cruz 1,405
9. Jan Shea 1,394
10. Donna Orr 1,367
11. Jim Kennedy 1,245
12 Joanne Pettigrew 1,174
Most 2019 Beach Hours Protecting the Honu & Educating the Public through 6/30/19
1. Janis Honda 208
2. Debbie Herrera 125
3. Malachy Grange 109
4. Anissa Krick 90
5. Brandi Calvert 89
6. Duane Voss 86
7. Lolita Ayala 85
8. Janet Voss 79
9. Bev Murphy 73
9. Joe Murphy 73
11. Don Porter 70
12. Gayle Kriese 52