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Information on Volunteering for Malama na Honu

    1. How to become a Volunteer Honu Guardian:

Sign up by contacting us at

We run 3 hour shifts throughout day, morning until after sunset,
where you will act as a Docent to explain facts about the Hawaiian
Green Sea Turtles to beach visitors.

You will also attempt to discourage visitors from harassing the
turtles both in the water and on the beach.

We prefer that Guardians be 18 years of age or older but will accept
younger people, but they MUST be accompanied by a responsible
adult on the beach (preferably a parent).

We require that active volunteers commit to at least 2 shifts per

Prospective Guardians are required to attend an orientation session
at the beach and then spend at least 2 shifts (or until they are
comfortable with the job) “shadowing” experienced volunteers on
their shifts.

2. The following are the responsibilities of a Honu Guardian at Laniakea Beach:

Set up signs and take equipment (ropes, signs, ID book, statistics
book, information pamphlets and basking record sheets) to the
beach (morning shift).

Watch for turtles emerging from the ocean.

Keep beach visitors from surrounding turtles as they haul out of the

Place red ropes around turtles at a 6-10 foot distance away from
them as they settle in on the beach. Place warning signs around the

Identify known turtles; place ID signs at appropriate spots to
identify them for visitors.

Record the time each turtle comes out of the water and when it
returns to the water.

Photograph turtles that cannot be identified (particularly the scales
on both sides of the turtle’s face).

Talk to visitors, explaining facts about the turtles and the reasons
why it is important to keep people from direct contact with them.

Advise snorkelers that the same rules regarding giving turtles space
and not interfering with their activities applies in the water as well
as on land.

Put away signs and equipment (sunset shift).