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Keoki was named in honor of George Balazs, leader of the NOAA Marine Turtle Research Program and the single person most responsible for saving the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle from extinction. Mr. Balazs founded the original Show Turtles Aloha Program at Laniakea. Keoki has a very rounded shell and a visible "claw" and notched quarter-sized half-moon missing piece from his left rear flipper. L-25, an adult male, usually basks on the luscious green limu/coral shelf on the southwestern side of Laniakea. For several years "George" was considered to be a female and named "Clawdette." After nearly a year's absence he hauled out onto the beach in March 2014 with a surprisingly long, thick tail indicative of an adult male.





The Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu), a "Threatened Species," are making a comeback. Their protection and preservation, primarily through education in the spirit of Aloha, is the mission of Malama na Honu. Our efforts are focused on the North Shore of Oahu, near Haleiwa Town. Honu are protected by The Endangered Species Act and in recent years have experienced a significant increase in their numbers. More than ever, it is necessary for the education of residents and visitors alike to treat them with respect. Honu Guardian volunteers are on the beach every day to offer educational outreach about the protected species. This helps avoid inadvertent harassment and assures the honu’s peaceful coexistence on our beaches. Malama na Honu  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, established in the State of Hawaii, and has over 60 active volunteers who help carry out its educational mission.

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